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Joseph Chamberlain College are the only Oftsed Oustanding Sixth Form College in Birmingham. And it was high time their social channels started to reflect that.

You might be great at what you do, outstanding in fact. But if it it's only known about internally, how do you expect prospective students to know about you and increase your applications?   


By shouting about it from the rooftops of course! 

By leveraging a delicate balance between being academic and entertaining for teenagers. The new social content took on an attractive look for the target audience, whilst making it the place to be if you wanted to thrive in your studies and kickstart your future. 

Within 3 months, engagement was up by 42% with an audience growth of 45%.


You may think your studies are boring, but have you ever thought about where they may take you to?

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Integrated Marketing

Making sure the OOH marketing, is reflected digitally too

An Easter to

Showing off the college facilities, whilst making the audience stick around and keep watching.

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