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Lab. Blanc

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Lab. Blanc was developed by three investors with ties to the dental industry. Their aim was to break into the world of luxury toothpaste and teeth whitening products. 

The Challenge

The investors had extensive knowledge within their field, but needed a creative strategy to build their brand to ensure it could compete with established luxury brands. Originally the brand was to be called 'Bryt' however, after conversations it was felt that this did not convey the luxury the investors were seeking, so a new name was created. 

The Solution

Prior to any brand design, audits were carried out against their main competitors to gain an understanding as to what was already being offered on the market, and more importantly, what wasn't. 

From the research, USPs were defined, key messaging devised and a target audience was built. From here work went into developing a stand out brand that stood for luxury, sustainability and elegance. 

Key Messaging

This document brings together the key themes that
form Lab. Blanc’s marketing and communications to create

simple, relatable and effective key messages.

Click the image to read the full key messaging document.



The packaging was designed with key messages and values in mind, in a world where everyone is adding more to attract customers, this design strips everything down to the bare basics allowing the product to speak for itself and for the packaging to be a pleasing aesthetic piece and compliment any backdrop or bathroom regardless of decor. 

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